LED Headlamp Flashlight with Carrying Case


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This Christmas, consider the ideal stocking stuffer for adults and kids – a feather-light, non-bobbing LED headlamp weighing only 1.6 oz/48g. It’s perfect for DIYers, handymen, mechanics, runners, students, and children, offering comfort and functionality during outdoor adventures, or as a handy backup at home, in your car, or boat during power outages caused by natural disasters. The headlamp features an adjustable strap, three lighting modes including a white LED spotlight and floodlights for peripheral vision, all operated by a simple button press. It requires one AA battery (not included) and offers up to 100,000 hours of bulb life, making it ideal for activities like reading, camping, biking, and emergency situations. Additionally, its solid, water-resistant housing with a 45-degree adjustable swivel and an IP55 rating ensures durability in all weather conditions. The package includes two headlamps, each with a portable carrying pouch, ensuring they arrive in good working condition.

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Bad weather. Outdoor navigation. Power outages. Tactical defense. COSOOS last-over-5-hour Headlamp Flashlight (Lampara de cabeza) can become adaptive to our lifestyle. They serve as guidance instruments for the blind and lost, as well as the ultimate armament or search gadget.


Bulb Type: 3 *LEDs

LED Lamp Lifespan: 100,000 Hours

Brightness: 200 Lumens

Beam Type: Flood / Spot

Range: up to 30m / 100ft

Weight: 1.6oz /48g,super light

Power Supply : 1x AA battery (not included)

Brightness Dimming Modes: High light mode, Normal light mode and 2 side LEDs up.

Easy Operation: Put 1*AA battery into the battery compartment and short press button to cycle through the white LED spotlight modes (high, low), while long press button for floodlights(2-side lights up)

COSOOS small hands-free light, a smart choice for adults and kids. A backup unit to leave in camp, or even an emergency light to stash in the glove compartment or a bug-out bag, also perfect for climbers, campers, runners, and sports enthusiast.

Headlamp flashlight for outdoor activities, routine patrolling, camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, cave exploring, walking dog at night.

Beam Adjustable, Steady

The head of the lamp is 45° adjustable for oriented lighting and will stay steady after positioning.

Weighs only 1.6oz/48g without battery. Not heavy at all, you can wear it on your head comfortably for hours. It will quickly become your every-day-carry tool whether you’re working around the house or out for a late-night walk.

3 Lighting Level

With Bright White LED, the head light has 3 different lighting modes, including high light mode, normal light mode and 2 side light up.

Elastic, Flexible and Durable Headband

Loop buckles enable to fit everyone’s head, even little kid.

Maximum circumference of the headband is up to 23.6in/60cm, and the min is about 14in/36cm without stretching.

If stretching it, headband can be longer, making you get long-lasting comfort.

You can wear it on most hats, like a regular ball cap, baseball cap, construction hardhat or some motorcycle or cycling helmets.

AA Headlamp, Easy to Operate

Put 1* AA battery and press the button for long or short time for either Main LED or 2 side LEDs makes choosing the right mode pretty easy and very convenient.

From the trail and camp to the crag, COSOOS Lightest MINI Headlamp Flashlight is an endlessly useful piece of gear that you should have it with you, prepare for possible power outage, keep dark and baddy away!

What You Got

LED Headlamp Flashlights

Portable Carrying Case

(Note: AA battery is not included)

Great addition gadget to your emergency toolbox! It is also an emergency tool kit when meet with hurricane, forest fire, snowfall, power failure or for children to keep baddy away.

Item Package Quantity

1 Pack, 2 Pack


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